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Mission Statement: TCSPC is a group of organizations, agencies, and individuals working
to provide safe crossings for wildlife and safer travel for people through Tijeras Canyon.

Who We Are

Tijeras Canyon Safe Passage Coalition
Communications Subcommittee
Governing Document

Adopted 2-16-05

Name: Communications Subcommittee

Purpose: The Communications Subcommittee informs the public about the TCSPC and its important work on behalf of people and wildlife.  Communication to the public by TCSPC is filtered through the Communications Subcommittee to ensure a consistent, accurate message.  Tasks may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

*Prepare and distribute press releases to media as requested by the Steering Committee.

*Make recommendations to the Steering Committee when press releases are appropriate.

*Designate two members of Subcommittee as point people for speaking on camera or directly with reporters.

*Create list of “speaking points” for planned interview occasions or for members who wish to write letters to the editor.

*Create and arrange for distribution of fliers as needed for Finance and Fundraising or other subcommittees.

*Create letterhead for press releases and other TCSPC-related business.

*Make recommendations for and submit materials to TCSPC website.

*Design/write ads and place in print materials or with other media as needed.

*Design brochures or other informational materials for dissemination to the public.

*Prepare press kits for media.

*Plan and hold press conferences as needed.

*Proactively approach and talk with any media person who attends a general membership meeting to address their need and represent the Coalition, particularly in the case of any heated discussion in the meeting.

*Along with the Steering Committee, and other subcommittees as appropriate, coordinate outreach efforts.

Membership on the Communications Subcommittee is open to all Coalition members who wish to join and who support the purpose of the Subcommittee.  Coalition members may join by contacting the Subcommittee Chairperson and asking to join. 

The Communications Subcommittee shall choose a Chairperson and two point persons who have the authority to speak with the media on behalf of the Coalition.  To ensure continuity and historical knowledge, these persons shall serve for the duration of the Coalition’s existence, or until they request replacement.  Subcommittee members may volunteer or be nominated for these positions.

The Chairperson or his/her designee will give a report on the Subcommittee’s actions at each general meeting.  Planning, scheduling and directing of Subcommittee activities will happen collectively by the Subcommittee members.

Decision-Making Procedure:
The Communications Subcommittee shall make decisions by simple majority vote of Subcommittee members.  In case of a tie, the Chairperson shall decide whether to deliberate further or to forward the issue to the Steering Committee for decision.  Decisions can be made at meetings or via e-mail/telephone communication.  Issues to be decided upon may be initiated by any Subcommittee member by asking the Chairperson to call for a vote. This process applies to the adoption and future amendment of this governing document and to the election of officers.

Decisions will be made at in-person Subcommittee meetings, conference calls, via email or telephone, as issues arise, provided that enough members are involved that the vote represents a majority of the Subcommittee membership.  That is, e.g., if three of four members are participating in a meeting and are in agreement on a decision, the absent member will not be contacted for a vote.  Otherwise, all Subcommittee members will be asked for their vote on decisions via email notification, and given a deadline for a response.  Lack of response equals a forfeited vote.




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