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Mission Statement: TCSPC is a group of organizations, agencies, and individuals working
to provide safe crossings for wildlife and safer travel for people through Tijeras Canyon.

Who We Are

Tijeras Canyon Safe Passage Coalition
Finance Subcommittee
Governing Document
Adopted 2-2-05


Name: Finance Subcommittee

Purpose: The purpose of the Finance Subcommittee is to identify funding sources and to raise and manage funds for the Tijeras Canyon Safe Passage Coalition.  The purpose of these funds is to contribute to achieving the mission of the Coalition: to provide safe crossings for wildlife and make travel safer for people through Tijeras Canyon.

Membership:  Membership on the Finance Subcommittee is open to all Coalition members who wish to join and who support the purpose of the Subcommittee.  Coalition members may join by contacting the Subcommittee Chairperson and asking to join. 

Structure: The Finance Subcommittee shall elect a Chairperson and a Secretary/Treasurer.  These officers shall be elected in September and serve for one year.  Subcommittee members may volunteer or be nominated for these positions.

The Chairperson or his/her designee will plan, schedule and direct subcommittee activities, including communications, meetings and the raising, managing and disbursing of funds. 

The Secretary/Treasurer or his/her designee will take minutes of all subcommittee meetings, prepare reports to the Coalition and be in charge of banking and bookkeeping for the Coalition, including preparing regular financial statements. 


Decision-Making Procedure: The Finance Subcommittee shall make decisions by simple majority vote of those subcommittee members voting on the issue. In case of a tie, the Chairperson shall decide whether to deliberate further or to forward the issue to the Steering Committee for decision.  Decisions can be made at meetings or via e-mail/telephone communication.  Issues to be decided upon may be initiated by any subcommittee member by asking the Chairperson to include them on the next meeting agenda or in electronic communication. This process applies to the adoption and future amendment of this governing document and to the election of officers.

When possible, all votes to be conducted at subcommittee meetings will be noticed in advance through normal distribution of the meeting agendas.  Exceptions may be made in emergency situations.  In order to vote at a meeting, members must either attend the meeting in person or via conference call, or submit their vote in advance of the meeting to the Chairperson via e-mail or telephone. 

In order to vote on an issue under electronic consideration, the Chairperson must establish a deadline for voting and ensure that all members have received notification.  Members are asked to reply to e-mails and phone messages to verify that they have received subcommittee information.  Members must vote by the established deadline for their votes to count.

Any decisions to raise or disburse funds must be forwarded to and approved by the Coalition Steering Committee.


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